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Nearly one million copies of Brian's printed and digital materials are in circulation worldwide in more than 40 languages.

Brian's Guest Speaking at Churches & Events

  • ONE PAGE BIO SHEET: CLICK to share this 1-page handout about Brian's ministry one page handout about Brian's ministry with your pastor, preaching team or staff, committee members, event planners, etc.

  • SPEAKING AT CHURCHES:  Brian normally speaks at churches with 750 or more in weekend attendance.  He considers speaking at churches under 750 if it works into other travel plans or if the church is in the Denver/Colorado Springs area.  Thousands of smaller churches have still benefited from his materials and speaking ministry by ordering his 30 and 40 Day www.GenerousLife.org devotionals and VIDEOS to inspire greater generosity and increase giving.

  • SPEAKING FOR  CHARITY, GENEROSITY, DONOR, OR FUNDRAISING EVENTS: Brian is a proven inspirational generosity speaker for generosity conferences, fundraising banquets, capital campaign events, charitable events, and donor vision trips - retreats - conferences.

  • LIST OF AVAILABLE MESSAGES - VIDEOS Note: The amount of time Brian speaks is set by your church or group - 30, 35, 40, 45 minutes or whatever length of time you desire)

Welcome and Intro Video from Brian


  • PARTIAL LIST OF PAST SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS:  Promise Keepers arena events (32,000 men), Skyline Church - San Diego, 2000-members Video - Endorsement by Pastor Jim Garlow, Foothills Bible Church - Littleton, CO, 1800-members Video, Intown Community Presbyterian in Atlanta, GA  Mountain Springs Church in Colorado Springs, 3500-members, ShireLive Church in Australia - 1000-members (affiliated with Hillsong Church), Neighborhood C&MA Church in Redding, CA - 2000-members, Bethany EFC - Littleton, CO - Video, Trinity Nazarene - Colorado Springs, New Life Church & Academy - Woodbury, MN, West Bowles Community Church - Littleton, CO, New Life Church - Colorado Springs, CO - Singles Event, Walnut Street Baptist Church - Louisville, KY - Video, RockPointe Church - Dallas, TX, New Life EFC - Aurora, CO, Vineyard Church - Colorado Springs, Bethany Baptist in Peoria, IL - 1400-members, 1st Evangelical Free Ch in Wichita, 1200-members, Edge AG Church in Cape Town, So Africa, 1st Baptist in Lodi, CA - 1200-members, Ark Church in Baltimore, MD - 800-members, Park Avenue Baptist in Titusville, Fl - 1000-members

  • SPEAKING FEES: Brian does NOT require a specific amount for his guest speaking honorarium.  Honorariums he receives normally range anywhere from $750 to $2500, but have been as high as $4000 and as low as $500.  Churches and groups usually cover all the associated travel costs for he and his wife.  Note: Many churches/ministries have indicated that after Brian has spoken for them that their offerings/donations have noticeably increased in the following weeks and months.

  • 30 & 40 DAY GENEROSITY DEVOTIONALS: Brian frequently speaks at churches that have used or are planning on using his bestselling 30 or 40 Day www.GenerousLife.info devotionals. 

  • AVAILABILITY: Dr. Kluth is available for guest speaking and is booking 1 to 24 months in advance.  Click here to email Brian to inquire about his availability to speak for your church or event.  Please include the name of your church or ministry, your location, size of your church (weekend attendance) OR the number of people expected at your ministry event, your requested date(s), and any additional information you feel would be helpful.

  • RESOURCES: Wherever Brian speaks, he seeks to equip people with resources that will help them further in their financial and generosity journey.  At live speaking events, he makes his materials available for a freewill offering or on a discounted basis on tables in the lobby area after the event.

  • REFERENCES & ENDORSEMENTS: Here's some personal reference quotes from pastors and leaders...

“Brian came to our 3500-person church and fired us up with a positive and uplifting message about generous kingdom living!  If your church needs to be encouraged in generosity,  faith, and trusting God with their finances, you cannot do any better than my friend and  fellow pastor, Brian Kluth.”  Pastor Steve Holt, Mountain Springs Church in Colorado Springs

"Following the use of your 40 Day devotional and your guest preaching at our church, our general giving has gone up 11% and we are ahead of budget -- something we have never experienced.  Plus giving to our capital campaign went from $1.9 million to $2.7 million -- surpassing our current $2.5 million goal.  Thanks for the positive impact you've had on our church, and for your friendship."  Dan Wiersum, Elder Board Chairman at New Life Church & Academy in Woodbury, MN and Bethel University Associate Vice President

"We had Brian preach for our 3 year pledge drive commitment Sunday.  After listening to Brian preach on generosity we had people that crossed out the amount they had written on their pledge card and increased the amount they pledged - - including me and my wife!"  Jeff Gagnon, Executive Pastor of the Brooklyn Park Evangelical Free Church in MN

"Brian Kluth was a joy to have at Crossroads Church.  His practical, engaging and biblical approach to to money and generosity was refreshing.  Weeks after his presentation, people are still positively commenting on his preaching and seminar."  Pastor K. Skattum, Crossroads Church - Denver Metro area

"Brian did an evening seminar on "Experience God as Your Provider" - - we thought 50-100 people would show us and close to 250 attended!  Ten local church pastors also attended.  Everyone was so encouraged by Brian's teaching that we are now planning a multi-church community-wide seminar."  Dr. J. L. Carter, Ark Church in Baltimore, MD

“Brian Kluth has extraordinary passion—like few do—to help people understand and practice God-honoring generosity. His biblical insights motivate. His true stories inspire. And his heart for God is genuine. He’s the real deal.”  John Pearson, Author and former President of CMA and the Willow Creek Association

Brian's Guest Speaking for Pastor Events and/or Leadership Conferences - Endorsements

Dr. Brian Kluth has spoken at conferences, seminars, and events for MANY THOUSANDS of pastors and leaders across America and in many countries around the world on church giving and generosity  His Biblical teaching, inspirational stories, sense of humor, and practical solutions to real problems that churches face make him an ideal speaker for any event where pastors and church leaders are gathered. 


Whenever Dr. Kluth speaks to pastors and church leaders he provides FREE copies of his bestselling www.GenerousLife.info Bible devotional to everyone who attends the event (at no cost to the host group).


- 10 Ways God Provides for Churches & Ministries (VIDEO from 10+ City ECFA Tour)

- 5 Ways to Grow Generous Givers and Church Giving (ECCU Webinar Video)

- 7 Keys to Helping People Become Open-Handed Givers in a Tight-Fisted World (Keynote Video)

- State of the Plate: Inside Look at Cutting Edge National Trends on Church Giving

- Sermon on the Mount: Unleashing Biblical Generosity for Every Person

- Conducting Fundraising Campaigns vs. Creating a Generosity Culture

- 50 Best Practices & 80 Best Websites to Increase Church Giving

- 12 Month Planning Worksheet to Unleash Generosity in Your Church

- Q&A Times
• Note: Valuable worksheets/handouts and bonus materials will be provided for all participants

  • SAMPLE EVENT: "Pastor & Leader Seminars"  Watch 16-City Promo Video 

  • AVAILABILITY: Brian is currently accepting conference/seminar/event speaking engagement 2 to 24 months in advance.

  • SPEAKING OPTIONS:  Plenary keynote plenary message(s), 1/2 day seminar, or full day seminar.

  • SAMPLE MATERIALS:  Seminar promotional flyer   Seminar Manual

  • SPECIAL FREE BONUS FOR YOUR EVENT: Dr, Kluth is willing to provide (at no additional cost to you) the following FREE RESOURCES to every person/couple attending your event: 40 Day Generous Life Devotional  and/or Family Organizer

  • SPEAKING FEES:  Dr. Kluth does not have a required speaking fee.  Honorariums for his speaking for leadership events and conferences have normally ranged from $1000 to $2500 plus travel expenses for he and his wife.

  • CLICK HERE to email Brian to inquire about his availability to possibly speak at your event. Please include the name of your ministry, location where your event will be held, # of people expected to attend, and the preferred date(s).

  • ENDORSEMENTS & PAST EVENTS: Scroll down for leadership endorsement and past churches, events, and conferences where Brian has spoken.

"The Evangelical Free Church has used Brian's Kluth's seminars, training, and materials to impact our national staff, district leaders, pastors, and church leaders in the area of generosity and financial teaching in churches.  He is a positive, practical, and Biblical voice on this vital subject." WILLIAM HAMEL President, Evangelical Free Church of America

"Brian Kluth has a passion for teaching generosity to the Lord's work.  Without reservation I recommend his ministry and his materials for pastors, leaders, and congregations.". HOWARD DAYTON, Co-Founder with Larry Burkett of Crown Financial Ministries and Founder of Compass - Handling Finances God's Way

"I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Brian Kluth over many years.  We share a passion for impacting the kingdom, and especially church leaders...I endorse Brian's ministry and materials very enthusiastically."  RON BLUE, Financial Author, Speaker, and President of Christian Financial Professionals Network

"Dr. Brian Kluth and his generosity ministry and materials are being used by God in a tremendous way.  He is a trusted friend and fellow laborer who has been called by God to communicate and demonstrate God's generosity principles for the body of Christ.”  LEE JENKINS, Speaker, Author, and Investment Advisor

"We sponsored an area wide "MAXIMUM Generosity Seminar" for Pastors and Church leaders from many different churches.  Brian has a heart for Biblical generosity and a ministry that reflects his heart. His information, resources, and challenge made this a vital, informative, and one of the most worth while stewardship seminars I have ever participated in."  Rev. Ronald Sittig, Regional Vice President, Free Methodist Foundation

Other national leaders that have endorsed Brian's ministry:

Larry Burkett of Crown Financial Ministries (passed away July 2003), Dick Towner of the Willow Creek Association Good Sense Ministries, George Barna of The Barna Group, Ron Chandler, stewardship leader in the Southern Baptist Convention, Lyle Schaller, Author and speaker, Stan Toler of Injoy Ministries and Church of the Nazarene, Dr. Tony Evans of The Urban Alternative, Bob Buford of Halftime / FaithWorks / Pastors & Leadership Network,  Dan Busby, former president of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, Dr. Paul Cedar of Mission America, Fred Smith Jr. of The Gathering, Dr. John Perkins of Christian Community Development Association,  John Pearson, former president of Willow Creek Association and the Christian Management Association, Dr. Gene Getz, Dallas Theological Seminary and Center for Church Renewal, Richard Hammer, Church Law & Tax Report

Past Speaking Events

CONFERENCES & EVENTS (partial list)

CHURCHES  (partial list)

  • Promise Keepers - Kansas City, NYC/NJ - 32,000 men

  • ECFA - Evangelical Council on Financial Accountability Regional - 10 City Tour - Video 

  • Community Bible Study International Conference - 800 people from 50 states and 70 foreign countries - Video

  • Moody's Pastors' Conference Plenary Speaker

  • Church of God Cayman Islands 79th Natl Conf - Video

  • Navigator's Glen Eyrie Castle - Colorado Springs

  • Crown Financial Ministries National Conference

  • Generous Giving National Conference

  • Compass - Finances God's Way National Conference

  • Gospel for India Crusades - 15,000 people

  • Christian Management Association of Australia

  • Capin Crouse

  • American Christian Credit Union

  • Evangelical Christian Credit Union

  • Salvation Army of Australia Leadership Conferences

  • Christian Leadership Alliance National Conference

  • Willow Creek Association National Conference

  • Saddleback Community Church National Conference

  • Crown Financial Ministries National Conference

  • Christian Stewardship Association

  • National Association of Evangelicals

  • World Evangelical Alliance

  • Kentucky Baptist Convention

  • WFX National Conference - Atlanta, GA

  • European Evangelical Alliance

  • Evangelical Free Church Natl Leadership Conference

  • Uganda's African Evangelistic Enterprise Conference

  • National Religious Broadcasters National Convention

  • Gospel Music Association National Convention

  • Chicago Metro Baptist Association

  • Assemblies of God Financial Services Natl Conference

  • Fort Wilderness Family Conferences

  • Maranatha Bible & Missionary Conference

  • Iowa Baptist Conference

  • Midwest District of the Evangelical Free Churches

  • Western District of the Evangelical Free Churches

  • Rocky Mountain Dist of the Evangelical Free Churches

  • Great Lakes District of the Evangelical Free Churches

  • North Central District of the Evangelical Free Churches

  • West District of the Evangelical Free Churches


  • Brokers Choice of America

  • High Flying Financial Professionals - Hyatt Regency in Denver sponsored by BCA

  • Accelerate Wealth Financial Group: Client Dinner for 250

  • American Christian Credit Union

  • Capin Crouse & ECCU Conference

  • Skyline Church - San Diego, 2000-members Video - Intro by Pastor Jim Garlow

  • Foothills Bible Church - Littleton, CO, 1800-members - Sermon Video

  • Mountain Springs Community Church in Colorado Springs, 3500-members

  • ShireLive Church in Australia - 1000-members (affiliated with Hillsong Church)

  • Neighborhood C&MA Church in Redding, CA - 2000-members

  • Bethany EFC - Littleton, CO - Video

  • Trinity Nazarene - Colorado Springs, CO

  • New Life Church & Academy - Woodbury, MN

  • West Bowles Community Church - Littleton, CO

  • New Life Church - Colorado Springs, CO - Singles Event

  • Walnut Street Baptist Church - Louisville, KY - Video

  • RockPointe Church - Dallas, TX

  • New Life Church - Aurora, CO

  • Vineyard Church - Colorado Springs

  • Bethany Baptist in Peoria, IL - 1400-members

  • 1st Evangelical Free Ch in Wichita, 1200-members

  • Edge AG Church in Cape Town, So Africa

  • 1st Baptist in Lodi, CA - 1200-members

  • Ark Church in Baltimore, MD - 800-members

  • Park Avenue Baptist Church in Titusville, Fl - 1000-members

  • Unity Evangelical Lutheran Church - Milwaukee, WI

  • Intown Community Presbyterian Ch in Atlanta, GA

  • Calvary Bible Church in Lodi, CA

  • Bayside Church in Cambridge, MD

  • Trinity Baptist - Maplewood, MN

  • 1st Evangelical Free Church of Colorado Springs (10 years as the Senior Pastor)

  • King of Kings Centre in Cape Town, So Africa

  • Harvest Community Church in Milwaukee, WI

  • Vision Christian Fellowship in New York City

  • Twin Cities Chinese Christian Church in MN

  • Brooklyn Park Evangelical Free Church in MN

  • 3 Lakes Evangelical Free Church

  • New Day Community Church in Milwaukee

  • Faith Evangelical Free Church


  • Biola University & Talbot Seminary - Video

  • Northwestern University Chapel

  • Bethel University Chapel

  • Talbot Seminary

  • Biola University Chapel

  • Marquette University Inter-Varsity Group

  • UW-Parkside Inter-Varsity Group

  • Cape Town Baptist Seminary - South Africa

  • Trinity College & Seminary in NE India

  • Salvation Army Training Center - Australia


  • Numerous speaking engagements at churches, leadership conferences, schools, and events in Western Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, Australia/New Zealand, Russia, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe.


MAXIMUM Generosity

Dr. Brian Kluth

9415 Wickerdale Ct.  Highlands Ranch, CO 80130 (south Denver metro)

Brian's cell phone/text: 719-930-4000

CLICK HERE to email Brian to inquire about his availability to possibly speak at your church, ministry or event.

Brian's assistant and Operations Manager/Graphic Designer is LEANA SANTANA. 

Leana's contact information is EMAIL or phone: 866-935-5884





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