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What Christians have said at churches or generosity events...

  • "Brian Kluth is one of the best speakers I've ever heard.  He make the Bible come alive from the true (and sometimes humorous) stories he tells and the life-changing practical applications he shares.  He's a great speaker for all ages."

  • "I found myself moved to tears as God spoke to me deeply through Brian's life and ministry." Testimony of many men and women from their 20's to 80's

  • “God used Brian to inspire me to make a special $50,000 donation and to increase my support from $400 to $1,000/month!”

  • "Brian's LEGACY message will impact me and my family for generations to come."

  • "My spouse and I always made excuses for NOT giving, but now we are EXCITED about giving to God first!”

  • “I am 88 years old.  I have been in church all my life, but no one has ever helped me understand giving and generosity like Brian did today.”

  • “We thought we were pretty generous. But what Brian taught us will take our giving to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.”

  • “I have made MILLIONS. Giving was always my last thought, but now it will be my FIRST thought. My giving and living will NEVER be the same.”

  • “BEST financial and generosity speaker I’ve ever heard.”

  • “Because of Brian’s message, my giving is now going on STEROIDS!” J

What ministry leaders and staff have said...

  • “I have been going to Christian training events all my adult life.  Brian is the MOST HELPFUL speaker I have ever heard!”

  • “Brian helped me understand God is BIGGER than my paycheck and our ministry budget.” 

  • “I haven’t laughed so much or learned so much in a long time!”

  • “Best speaker I’ve heard in 25 years of going to conferences!  Brian gave me so many practical ideas, principles, and resources I can IMMEDIATELY use to help our ministry.”

  • “Biblical, practical, and useable training.”

What national leaders have said...

  • 1 MINUTE VIDEO CLIP ENDORSEMENT from Pastor Jim Garlow of Skyline Church in San Diego (John Maxwell's former church)

  • “Brian Kluth has extraordinary passion—like few do—to help people understand and practice God-honoring generosity. His biblical insights motivate. His true stories inspire. And his heart for God is genuine. He’s the real deal.”  John Pearson, Author and former President of CMA and the Willow Creek Association

  • "The Evangelical Free Church has used Brian's Kluth's seminars, training, and materials to impact our national staff, district leaders, pastors, and churches in the area of generosity and financial teaching in churches. He is a positive, practical, and Biblical voice on this vital subject."  WILLIAM HAMEL President, Evangelical Free Church of America

  • "Brian Kluth has a passion for teaching generosity to the Lord's work.  Without reservation I recommend his ministry and his materials for pastors, leaders, and congregations.". HOWARD DAYTON, Co-Founder with Larry Burkett of Crown Financial Ministries and Founder of Compass - Handling Finances God's Way

  • "I have had the privilege of knowing and working with Brian Kluth over many years.  We share a passion for impacting the kingdom, and especially church leaders...I endorse Brian's ministry and materials very enthusiastically."  RON BLUE, Financial Author, Speaker, and President of Kingdom Advisors

  • "Dr. Brian Kluth and his generosity ministry and materials are being used by God in a tremendous way.  He is a trusted friend and fellow laborer who has been called by God to communicate and demonstrate God's generosity principles for the body of Christ.”  LEE JENKINS, Speaker, Author, and Investment Advisor

  • "Brian Kluth's '40 Days to a More Generous Life' devotional opens the door for Christians to be both generous and cheerful givers to God."  STEPHEN W. JOHNSON, Executive Director of the Ecumenical Center for Stewardship Studies that serves 21 denominations including Lutheran, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Reformed and others.

  • "Brian Kluth is a leader among leaders when it to teaching Biblical generosity.  I value his insights. ministry, and materials."  DR. STAN TOLER, Popular Speaker, Author & Pastor

  • "We sponsored an area wide "MAXIMUM Generosity Seminar" for Pastors and Church leaders from many different churches.  Brian has a heart for Biblical generosity and a ministry that reflects his heart. His information, resources, and challenge made this a vital, informative, and one of the most worth while stewardship seminars I have ever participated in."  Rev. Ronald Sittig, Regional Vice President, Free Methodist Foundation

 What pastors and church leaders have said...

  • 1 MINUTE VIDEO CLIP ENDORSEMENT from Pastor Jim Garlow of Skyline Church in San Diego (John Maxwell's former church)

  • “Brian came to our 3500-person church and fired us up with a positive and uplifting message about generous kingdom living!  If your church needs to be encouraged in generosity,  faith, and trusting God with their finances, you cannot do any better than my friend and  fellow pastor, Brian Kluth.”   Pastor Steve Holt in Colorado Springs

  • "Following the use of your 40 Day devotional and your guest preaching at our church, our general giving has gone up 11% and we are ahead of budget -- something we have never experienced.  Plus giving to our capital campaign went from $1.9 million to $2.7 million -- surpassing our current $2.5 million goal.  Thanks for the positive impact you've had on our church, and for your friendship."  Dan Wiersum, Elder Board Chairman at New Life Church & Academy in Woodbury, MN and Bethel University Associate Vice President

  • "We had Brian preach for our 3 year pledge drive commitment Sunday.  After listening to Brian preach on generosity we had people that crossed out the amount they had written on their pledge card and increased the amount they pledged - - including me and my wife."  Jeff Gagnon, Executive Pastor of the Brooklyn Park Evangelical Free Church in MN

  • "Brian Kluth was a joy to have at Crossroads Church.  His practical, engaging and biblical approach to to money and generosity was refreshing.  Weeks after his presentation, people are still positively commenting on his preaching and seminar."  Pastor K. Skattum, Crossroads Church - Denver Metro area

  • "Brian did an evening seminar on "Experience God as Your Provider" - - we thought 50-100 people would show us and close to 250 attended!  Ten local church pastors also attended.  Everyone was so encouraged by Brian's teaching that we are now planning a multi-church community-wide seminar."  Dr. J. L. Carter, Ark Church in Baltimore, MD

What international leaders have said...

  • UNITED KINGDOM "I have known Brian as a friend and co-worker with Christ in the Lord's Vineyard for more than twenty years. I respect him and thank God for his life and testimony. Brian has been faithful in studying and developing resources to help the Church manage and develop its gifts, assets and resources. I commend him and his materials most warmly to you."     The Revd. Canon George Kovoor, Personal Chaplain to the Queen of England, Anglican Church leader, and former President of Trinity Theological College in Bristol, UK

  • EUROPE  “Brian Kluth's teaching, knowledge, experience, and materials helped me to establish my course on Stewardship for Central and Eastern European Countries.  This training is used in our seminary and by church leaders across our region.  Brian's ministry and materials helps us see our place in the presence of the Lord and the opportunity to be wise and good stewards of the resources God has given us for His glory."    Dr. Nik Nedelchev - former President of the WEA European Evangelical Alliance

  • AFRICA "Brian Kluth speaks out of deep compassion for church growth and holistic transformation among its membership. He has traveled and ministered in many parts of the world which gives him critical understanding of the fundamental role of excellent financial stewardship in church growth. He speaks out of a deep sense of spirituality and leadership to non-specialists desiring to serve Christ effectively.  It is a very significant contribution to the building of the kingdom of God."  Rev. Canon Ephraim Gensi, St. Stephens Anglican Church and former Vice President with Compassion International and African Evangelistic Enterprise

  • AUSTRALIA "We are using Brian's 40 Day Generous Life materials with our churches.  After using Brian's materials, different churches have experienced giving increases of 25%, 54% and 116%.  One church even saw their giving go up 600%!" MAJOR PHIL McLAREN, Australia

  • KENYA, AFRICA: "Brian's material is the kind of information that I need and Africa needs to be set free.  I could not believe the level of anointing the Lord has given this man of God on this important subject.  I am now translating Brian's materials into Kiswahili, a language widely spoken in the East Africa region."   Bishop Mickey Okeyo in Nairobi, Kenya

  • LATIN AMERICA  “The name of Brian Kluth is deeply associated with the principles of stewardship and generosity.  Since his days as the President of the Christian Stewardship Association, brother Kluth has been a leading teacher and one of the most recognized authorities in the area of Biblical generosity and finances.   The impact of his ministry not only touches the lives of those who live in the United States, but his written materials and speaking ministry has impacted people all over the world.  Crown Financial Ministries has the privilege of working with Brian Kluth to bless the Latin American church and we wholeheartedly recommend him and his materials for your ministry.”  Dr. Andrés G. Panasiuk

  • ASIA EXCERPTS FROM AN EMAIL BRIAN RECEIVED FROM THAILAND:  "Dear Brian: I am teaching a small group of extremely poor refugees from Burma and various different Hill tribes people groups your Biblical financial teaching materials. We were able to download your free resources and I have been teaching them over the last nine weeks.  The people I am teaching only make about US$20 per month.  Your material is really the best I have seen and everyone is so excited to be studying it."   Gareth Lavell, serving in Chiang Mai, Thailand



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