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LOVING YOUR COMMUNITY - 40 Days of Generosity - Learn|Serve|Give|Celebrate

Jesus said, "LET your light shine before men IN SUCH A WAY  that they

may SEE your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven. Matthew 5:16


My dear brother or sister in Christ:


Thank you for visiting this page.  LORD willing, what you are about to view and read could impact and transform churches, ministries, and the lives of thousands of people in your community with God's love.


Please prayerfully watch the videos below and look over this webpage. 


If you have questions or would like to talk further, please call me (719.930.4000 cell/text), send me an email (


Yours in Christ,

Pastor Brian Kluth

Called and commissioned to be a Generosity Minister-at-Large to the World


Would you like a proven and effective way to mobilize churches, ministries, Christians, groups, businesses, and resources in your community to reach and influence

thousands of people with God's love?


WATCH what happened with one church in Littleton, Colorado

when they helped co-sponsor a LOVE-IN-ACTION1 Day

(when over 4500 people served their community and the needy).


WATCH a video about 60+ churches in Atlanta

that planned 40 Days of Loving One Another


Here's also a link to a FUN MUSIC VIDEO showing Random-Acts-of-Kindness-Chain-Reaction.

If these kind of things could happen in Guatemala, Denver, Atlanta, and other places -- what could happen in your community?

Download a FREE sample copy of the 40 DAY GENEROUS LIFE BIBLE DEVOTIONAL

This devotional has been used by thousands of churches in the USA

and translated into over 40 languages worldwide.


To receive ordering instructions, click one of the following links:  


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Download a FREE copy of the

 40 DAYS OF LOVE-IN-ACTION IDEAS for Families, Groups, and Children

CLICK to download Handouts (this is a sample from the LOVING BARBADOS 40 DAY Campaign)

Here are the 10 Steps to Help this Happen in Your Community

STEP 1 Review the information on this page, download this PDF, and share these things with and share them with some other key Christian leaders and pastors in your community.

STEP 2 Contact Brian about any questions you have ( 719.930.4000).

STEP 3 Schedule a meeting with key leaders and Brian.  This can be a conference phone call or a live meeting.

STEP 4 With the help of your local Christian radio station(s), promote and plan a FREE Vision Event for Pastors and Christian Leaders (this is a FREE come-and-learn, no-commitment-required event).

STEP 5 Have a follow-up meeting with key Christian leaders and decide whether to invite Brian back to do more FREE Vision Events (within 2-3 months) and determine the dates for the 40 Day event (in 6-9 months).

STEP 6 Brian conducts multiple Vision Events.

STEP 7 Thee months before the 40 Day event, churches and groups sign up as event partners and order the # of printed devotionals they want and the Digital Kit of resources.  Each group begins planning how they want to fulfill their partnership commitment to LEARN | SERVE | GIVE | CELEBRATE. 

STEP 8 Each event partner conducts their personalized 40 Day campaign - Learn | Serve | Give | Celebrate. 

STEP 9 Key leaders that helped launch this event gather to assess how God worked in and through them to impact and influence thousands of lives during this 40 Day event.

STEP 10 Each partner group fulfills their giving project commitments and keeps building on the momentum that was gained from this event (increased financial resources, ministry partnerships, volunteering, and much more)!

1Note: The video of Mission Hills Church LOVE-IN-ACTION Day was a co-sponsored effort by 5 churches in 2014 that mobilized over 4500 Christians to serve the community and needy.  They did not use the 40 Day Generous Life devotional, but Mission Hills Church is considering adding this to their LOVE-IN-ACTION campaign in 2015.



Would you be interested in seeing if this could someday happen in your community?

Send us an email ( with...

  • Your name?

  • Cell number?

  • You city?

  • Name of your church?

  • Let us know if you are a pastor, church lay leader, nonprofit ministry leader, business owner/leader or professional, and/or Christian giver/foundation/philanthropist?

  • Any comments or questions you have for Brian?


We will get back to you within 24-48 hours.


Brian Kluth - Cell/text: 719.930.4000


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